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Annie's Pantry meals are biological appropriate for your furkids needs to thrive & live a wholesome healthy life, just like their ancestors in the wild​. We are renowned for our freshness & quality ingredients. Our tubs meet or exceed the strictest AAFCO standards for healthy growth and maintenance for dogs. All meals are free from preservatives, nasties, fillers, lies & nonsense

We are families of dog owners, we are certified specialists in Advanced Canine & Raw Dog Food Nutrition, we are ANNIE'S PANTRY®

Seeing is Believing

At Annie’s Pantry, we only feed what we believe in and we only believe what we can see

The Complete Range

Goodies Jars - Raw Freeze Dried


    Reduce skin diseases, allergies, gastro worms, fleas & dog odour. Promotes healthy, shiny & soft coats


    Eradicate anal gland blockage & reduce cancer rates. Promotes bowel movements, diseases resistance and life expectancy


    Reduce arthritis, bad breath and vet visits for teeth cleaning . Promotes bone protection, healthier gums and teeth


    Reduce urinary infections, crystal formation and renal failure. Promote firm stools, regular bowels & support gland function


    Reduce obstetrical issues and growth disorders. Promotes fertility and steady growth

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Rotational & Value Bundles

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LilPupTubs 310g

The Original BigPuptubs are perfect for those who have big appetites and need a little extra to keep them going. Our tubs contain NO preservatives, additives, artificial flavourings, colourings, nasties, fillers, lies & nonsense. Meet or exceed the strictest AAFCO standards for healthy growth and maintenance for dogs.

For the convenience of our smaller customers, we've also created the LilPupTubs. These provide all of the same goodness and quality as our larger tubs, but are easier to handle and portioned out. So whether you've got a big pup or a lil' pup, we've got you covered!

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As a Meal, Treat or Topper

Looking for a wholesome, delicious meal for your furry friend? Look no further than our Artisanal Handcrafted Frankenprey Sausages! Made with 80% meat, 10% bones, 5% secreting organs, and 5% muscle organs, these sausages are perfectly balanced and packed with nutrients your pet needs. Plus, we've added a dash of Wakame for an extra boost of Omega-3 and Taurine. Suitable for both dogs and cats (and even ferrets!), our Frankenprey Sausages make a great meal, topper or treat.

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