Annie's Blend

Our blend is designed to mimic the diet that our furkids' ancestors ate for thousands of years. Every meal contains raw muscle meats, raw bones, organs and vegetables in an appropriate ratio. The offals & plants used are rotated depending on what's fresh and available to ensure your furkids are exposed to the full potential of prey feeding. This diet is packed with nutrients that are essential for optimal health, and it's completely free of fillers, preservatives, and other harmful ingredients.


Beef Forequarter Grass Fed (Australia) | Whole Mackerels (Norway)
Farmed Salmon (New Zealand) | Sakura Chicken (Malaysia)
Whole Lamb Leg (Australia) | Cage Free Whole Ducks (Malaysia)
Pasture Raised Pork (Ireland) | Wild Kangaroo (Australia)
Unbrined Turkey (USA)
Bones from whole duck or carcass 
Bones from whole chicken or carcass
Bones of the fishes finely grounded
Bones from whole turkey
Pork soft bones

Secreting organs


Liver | ​Kidney | Spleen | Pancreas | Eyes

Muscle organs

Heart | Lungs​ | Gizzards | Tripes | Tendons


Carrots, hand cut+cold pressed  | Spinach | Beetroots
Green + red apples | Celery | Wakame
Seasonal cold pressed pulps (Dog beneficial species) | Spirulina 
Rolled oats | Flaxseeds | Wolfberries | Turmeric blend | Mussels
Chicken or quail eggs | Garlic | Anchovies
Cold pressed coconut oil | Blueberries | Cranberries

    Absolutely nothing denatured, synthetic or artificial 

    Please avoid using our products or contact us if your furkids have allergy to specific ingredients