This a compilation of your usual questions. If you have questions not listed here, please drop us a message on WhatsApp and we will reply to you as soon as we can. We will also update this page with valid and helpful questions here for community benefit.


Where does Annie's Pantry source from?

We are proud that we only use the highest quality of meat and produce from highly reputable suppliers. Our ingredients are traceable, ethically farmed and slaughtered. These are the same ingredients you would be expecting at quality restaurants.  

What is MSM? Do we use it?

MSM stands for Mechanically Separated Meat. It's produced by machines that squeeze carcasses and frames under extreme pressures to remove any leftover meat and sinew. 

Many raw pet food companies use this within their recipes since it is a cheaper option and still allows them to claim their food is raw and human grade. How can you tell? Recipes with MSM typically have an ultra-fine "mushy" texture, are overly consistent in color, and in some cases have such a high calcium content that they create chalky stools. Leaves you wonder why the stools are bad. 

We're committed to the highest quality ingredients. At Annie's Pantry, we want you to see everything that goes into your furkid's food hence our food are chunky. From whole meat, organs, vegetables and bones, we only use ingredients we put on our own table. 

Why are your ingredients rotated and not fixed?

Our meals are made weekly to projected orders. We do not bulk order our ingredients but are bought a day before production. They are prepared immediately, packed  & frozen for delivery the week. Our meals are balanced with core ingredients and dependable on what's available the day itself from our butchers & vendors. Furthermore, your furkids will have better rotation of different ingredients if they are on long term feed with us. Freshness is our forte.

Must I do transitioning when we switch over to Annie's?

If your furkid has been on raw from other sources, there is no need for transition. For other commercial food like canned, cooked or kibbles, many outside resources are advising gradual transition. However, many of our customers, young and old had tried cold turkey switch and did very well. We would say it's entirely your call and judgement, after all you are there daily for him & you know best. If your furkid has good appetite for our food and produce good poop after the first 2-3 meals, congratulations! If he is resisting, chances are he doesn't understand this is real food, go ahead and do gradual transitioning start with a small portion of his daily intake and increase with time. There is no 1 size fit all method for every dog or cat, applying common sense and feeling him would be the best method. 

How to I serve the meal?

Please keep meal in freezer when delivered. Thaw meals in fridge overnight prior to feeding. Feed to your dog's needs. If pack is portioned fed, please keep the balance in the fridge.If your dog is unable to finish 1 pack within 48 hours after thawing, please pre-portion accordingly and re-freeze the balance. We do not recommend thawing more than twice. 

Do not cook our meals as they contain bones. Cooked bones will splinter in shards and cause serious damage to mouth teeth & intestines.

How long can I store the meals for?

FDA recommends 6-12 months for meats & 2-8 months for fish in freezer. Singapore does not have farms of our own and our meats are imported frozen, this should be taken into account. Besides, why store longer when there is free delivery above minimum spend and freshly prepared? We suggest not exceeding 2 months needs when ordering for your furkid. For thawed meals stored in fridge, please refrain using after 48 hours.

​Can young puppies take your meal?

Absolutely! As long as your puppy has weaned off it's mum and arrived at home, you can start feeding them our meals. Remember, your dog's ancestors does not eat kibble softened with water when there were puppies in the wild. However, please adopt a puppy or kitten from a reputable breeder or shop to ensure they have been properly weaned off it's mother.

Are you sure dogs can eat bones?

Dogs have been eating bones for thousands of years. Where do you think they get their calcium & phosphorus from & why use synthetic calcium or denatured supplements when they can get it naturally from real fresh bones? Please always keep in mind, only RAW bones please. Cooked bones are dangerous for them.

How much to feed my dog?

Please refer to this section

Why is there no modern supplement in your meals?

Why add denatured & synthetic supplements when our recipe is already naturally balanced? Our meals are all raw and consist of all required nutrients for their overall well-being. Commercial supplements are required if they are fed with cooked food or other commercial products.

Isn't cooked food better for the doggo? 

Dogs have amazingly strong stomach acid which disables salmonella, e.coli and other bacterias before they can cause illness. When you cook their food, it does kill bacterias but also the nutrients that comes with it. So you may be eating the same amount & kind of food, but you are not taking in the same amount of nutrients. Just remember their ancestors do not feed on cooked, kibbles or canned food.  

My furkid is currently on commercial pet food. Can I switch?

Absolutely! It's better late than never however, we suggest that you fast your furkid for a day to cleanse up before introducing our meals.

He is having wet poop after eating your meal.

On the contrary, many of the dogs we feed recover from their bad poop when switching over to us from other raw food, kibbles or commercial food. However, if your dog had been on kibbles or other commercial products for long period of time, wet or jello poop may last a week or more. This is normal as his digestive system is undergoing detox & purging nasties out of his system. Help him through this period with runs in the park and drink lots of water, you will soon see his poop getting healthy in no time. You may wish to provide some yogurt (non-sugary type) to help him restore good bacteria.

As long as he is still his usual self and not showing unusual symptoms, it is not a cause for concern. Otherwise, please consult your vet.   ​

My dog is drinking less water on your food

This is absolutely normal. They are eating fresh and fresh means high in moisture.


Can you deliver faster than 3 days? We've ran out of meals.

Typically not. Our ingredients are procured to weekly estimated orders and freshly made. But do please drop us a note to check if there's any of our customers postponed their deliveries and at times we may have some extra tubs. If you placed order from our website, please make use of date selection in your cart and we can guarantee your delivery for the date selected.

Why don't you have subscription packages?

Although we are using superior gourmet grade ingredients, our prices are cheaper than most subscription pet meals that is available in Singapore. We don't believe in 'lock in' and also makes us wonder why the market is so pricey. We are here to spread real goodness and small orders are fine with us. You may however be able to purchase in bulk to make use of available discounts whether offered by us or third party platform like Shopee. You may provide instructions to us on fix delivery frequencies or deliver on demand. We will provide you with inventory tracking reference for each delivery made. For this arrangement, minimum delivery of 8 big tubs or 16 small tubs applies for free delivery. 

Can we do self pick up?

We are working towards to make this possible in the near future. Meanwhile, there is no self pick up available.   

Can we return the delivery thermal bags?

Thank you for being kind to Mother Nature. Please do not hesitate to return the bags to our drivers on subsequent deliveries.