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Our Journey


It began with our duo


For our family, dogs have always been more than just pets: they are faithful companions and much loved members of our household. During our years in Australia, we visited many reputable breeders on the hunt for our next loving pup. We were so impressed with how much these wonderful people took care of each and every one of their furry friends - from when they were just puppies up to their senior years. We quickly learnt that feeding them a nutritious diet, keeping them active and making sure their environment was of good quality were the main factors that made such a difference in all the dogs' lives. Many of their offsprings went on to win National and International Championships, and it soon became quite evident why they deserved such recognition!

Our pup-family consists of two precious pooches, and we love them dearly. We've known the amazing benefits that come from raw feeding for a while now; however, it can be tricky to differentiate between quality products in all the options available today. Meal time is always an exciting occasion at our house - especially for our big eater! Since they were young pups their diets have consisted solely of homemade meals created by us. As much as making everything ourselves is rewarding (and delicious!) sometimes having some convenience would make such a difference during those chaotic times when raising 2 teenagers & the duo seems like quite the feat! ​We experimentally tried several ready-made foods and observed their reactions - they weren't too keen! Our girl was suspicious while her brother only ate half of his usual portion. To get them used to it, we introduced gradual portions normally advised by manufacturers; however all that followed were smelly gas, lethargy and some seriously unappetizing stools for a whole month before finally giving up on attempting any new food products. Mealtimes clearly didn't excite them much!​

Our duo have an innate intuition when it comes to food - they know what's best for them! After eating clean, commercial brands simply didn't cut the mustard. As soon as we went back to home made meals, they were more than happy and meal times became lively again. When it comes down to providing nutritious options for your pup there isn't any need for fancy recipes – just a little love in their dinner bowl goes along way!​ There's no rocket science;

  • No bulk preparation, frozen for months for overseas logistics & retailing time. Our ingredients for their meals are bought freshly from the market prior to preparation. 
  • Quality, real meat & produce that we buy from our family butchers & vendors we feed ourselves with. Yes, we use the same meats & vegetables for our whole family.  
  • No 'gentle cooking'. Gentle cooking is still cooking, not allowing real bones but synthetic calcium to be in the mix for calcium needs. Dogs have powerful stomach acid to kill bacterias and cooked bones may rupture their intestines. Like their ancestors, they do not barbecue nor gentle cook their preys in the wild. 
  • The meals we prepare are fully handmade, ground, fermented and portioned to nature's intent. Always in small batches. We know what's exactly in there & never prepare more than 4 weeks supplies for them.
  • We believe there is no reason for meals to be overpriced. We leave the market research and maths to you. 

At Annie's Pantry, we consider your four-legged family members our own! Our Singaporean and Australian owned business cares for these special beings. We've created a 100% natural blend of flavors to nourish the furry friends in your lives – so you can feel great about what they eat. Trust us when we say that their taste buds will definitely thank you! Give it a try today — because nothing is better than having peace of mind knowing that those precious furballs are eating the best meals around.Yes, we are real dog owners and, owners of Annie's Pantry